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What to Talk About with a Life Coach: 5 Questions to Ask and Topics to Cover

Have you ever wondered what to talk about with a life coach? Perhaps you’ve been curious about working with me as your military wife coach, but you want to “see” what it’d be like before taking that first step. While you may get glimpses of my coaching style from listening to the Simply Resilient Podcast, you still have questions about coaching sessions, and I’m here to answer them!

I work with military wives, girlfriends, and significant others and recently published a recorded coaching session with one of my military girlfriend clients to give you an inside scoop into what happens during a coaching session. You can listen to that podcast episode HERE.

Or keep reading to learn more about what to talk about with a life coach, questions to ask a life coach, and tips for how to prepare for a coaching session. Plus, find a link at the bottom of this post to schedule a FREE mini-life coaching session with me to get firsthand experience. 

What Do Coaches Do?

There are many types of coaching that fall under the umbrella of “life coaching,” from mindset coaching to communication coaching to relationship coaching, career coaching, and more. I focus on all those subcategories in relation to your experience as a military wife or girlfriend. 

Whether your goal is to find a new career, improve your relationship with your spouse, work on self-improvement, or prepare for an upcoming deployment, I provide guidance and support based on my firsthand experience as a military wife and mother. 

From the outside, it may look like life coaches simply offer advice, but it goes deeper than that. Coaches use an array of tools and methods to provide clients with insight into their potential and help them move towards identified goals. For example, I use the CTFAR coaching model with my clients. 

Through open dialogue and active listening, coaches create an accepting and safe environment for the honest exploration of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, and aspirations. Ultimately, my goal as a life coach for military wives and girlfriends is to help you build resilience and empower your mind to thrive during deployments and beyond. Think of me as your motivational partner, helping you to establish clarity in what you want in life and a plan to achieve it. 

What to Discuss with a Life Coach for Military Wives

When it comes to what to talk about with a life coach, there are few limits, if any. When I work with military wives and girlfriends, we talk about anything and everything that’s on their hearts or minds. Whether you’re struggling with a particular situation or want to experience growth in multiple areas, you can talk about it with a life coach. Some of the primary topics my clients and I discuss include:

  • Preparing for deployment
  • Thriving during deployment
  • Preparing for reintegration 
  • Parenting tips
  • Strengthening your marriage
  • Staying connected to your spouse while he’s gone
  • Building confidence
  • Improving your mental wellness
  • Asking for help
  • Managing your mind
  • Reframing your thought processes to improve your experience as a military wife or girlfriend

5 Questions to Ask a Life Coach for Military Wives and Girlfriends

One thing that keeps people from reaching out to a coach is not knowing what questions to ask a life coach. You might want to experience the benefits of coaching for military wives but aren’t sure where to start or how a coach can really help. Here are some common questions my clients ask that help us develop a plan of action for our time together:  

  1. How can I become a better spouse, parent, partner, or friend?
  2. How can I worry less during deployments and enjoy my life more?
  3. How can I increase my self-confidence and self-worth?
  4. Do you see areas where I’m standing in my own way?
  5. Do you see thoughts that are keeping me “stuck” in unhelpful patterns?

How to Prepare for a Coaching Session with Me

If you’re itching to schedule a free mini coaching session with me but still aren’t sure what to expect, no worries. Here are a few ways you can prepare for a coaching session: 

  • You can show up with something you’ve been working on, thinking about, or struggling with that you want to explore together.
  • You can show up and say you’re feeling stressed or emotionally drained, and we’ll work together to unpack those feelings and find out what’s causing them and what changes you can make to work through them.
  • You can show up as you are–without anything specific on your mind–and we can explore relevant topics together to find where our time will best be utilized.

The most important thing is that you show up. So, whether you need help working through your current situation or are simply curious about how a life coach can benefit your journey as a military wife or girlfriend, let’s talk about it. 

Schedule a free coaching session with me today!


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