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Resilience Coaching: What It Is and Why Military Wives Need It

Resilience. It’s often defined as the ability to bounce back from adversity. But I think it’s more than that. To me, resilience is the capacity to endure difficulties and setbacks while still maintaining a positive outlook and a sense of hope. But how do you do that, especially as a military wife dealing with a looming deployment, an upcoming move, or a year-long separation? Resilience is in all of us, but harnessing it requires learning how to manage your mind and think resilient thoughts. It’s less about muscling your way through challenging situations and more about empowering yourself to deal with them. As a resilience coach for military wives, I help you go from merely surviving to thriving and living your best life as a military wife. Curious how I do it? Keep reading to learn more. 

What Does a Resilience Coach Do?

Being resilient starts in your mind, so you might consider a resilience coach a “mindset” coach too. While every coach has a unique approach to working with clients, my goal is to teach you how to thrive during frequent separations from your spouse. I show you how to access the resilient superpowers inside of you so that you can thrive through every season. It is possible to navigate deployments and trainings successfully, and it all starts in your mind. 

1. A Resilience Coach Helps You Make the Most of Deployments

Let’s just call it as it is. Being away from your spouse for months, sometimes years, at a time sucks. You have to hold down the fort at home and take care of household duties and the kids while possibly working a job or investing in your community. Not to mention you miss your spouse constantly and worry about their safe return. It is so easy to let the overwhelm take over and nearly paralyze you. Resilience coaching explores ways to create a life you love, even when your spouse is away, by learning how to manage your mindset

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2. A Resilience Coach Helps You Feel Connected to Your Spouse

How can you feel connected to someone who is gone for months or years at a time? When time zones and war zones get in the way of speaking to each other on a regular basis? How do you maintain a strong connection and continue to grow in intimacy when your soldier is overseas? Is it even possible?


Resilience coaching explores ways to build connection with your spouse, even when you don’t get to see or talk to them for months on end. It may sound impossible. I mean, doesn’t it take two people to build a connection?


All it takes is you. You have the power to be super connected to your husband even when he’s nowhere to be found. It is the power of your thoughts that enables you to do it. 

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3. A Resilience Coach Helps You Overcome Challenging Feelings 

Overwhelmed. Discouraged. Sad. Relieved. Anxious. Unmotivated. Uncertain. Alone. The feelings military wives experience go on and on. I know this from personal experience, and it can be hard to navigate through those emotions. How do you allow yourself to feel something, acknowledge its existence, but not let it derail you?

Thoughts and feelings go hand-in-hand. You are not a victim of your feelings. You can choose thoughts that result in good, positive, feel-good feelings. Resilience coaching explores ways to feel the feelings you want to feel. By adjusting your thinking, you can experience lasting and sustainable relief that transforms your life as a military wife.

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Change Your Mindset with Resilience Coaching with a Resilience Coach for Military Wives

Why Is Building Resilience Important for Military Wives?

Building resilience is really essential for us as military wives, given the unique set of challenges we often encounter. This could range from frequent moves and handling long periods of separation during deployments to the constant worry about our spouse’s safety.

When we build resilience, we’re better equipped to adapt and grow stronger from these tough situations. It’s like developing a mental muscle that helps us not only to accept but also embrace our circumstances, face everything with a positive attitude, and stay strong even in the face of adversity.

Take deployments, for instance. With resilience, we can use our inner strength to run the household, take care of our kids, and maintain some normalcy, all while our partners are away. We’re also more prepared to handle the emotional toll that comes from worrying about our spouse’s safety.

But the benefits don’t stop with just us. When we’re resilient, it positively impacts our whole family. We can provide a stable and supportive environment for our children during challenging times, which in turn helps them develop resilience too. Even our relationships with our spouses can strengthen when we’re resilient. 

How Do You Train Yourself to Be Resilient?

Being resilient has everything to do with your mindset. By learning how to manage your mind, your thoughts become a positive source of energy in your life rather than a draining one. The truth is you are already resilient–all humans are. As a reliance coach for military wives, I can help you tap into your inner resiliency by focusing on important topics like:

  • Self-love
  • Emotional health
  • Decision-making
  • Time management
  • Self-confidence
  • Goal setting
  • And so much more!

Life as a military wife can be hard and challenging. You experience negative emotions and realities that other people simply don’t have to deal with. But the negatives don’t have to have the final say or dictate how you experience life as a military wife. You are brave, strong, and resilient, even when you don’t feel like it. And I want to help you tap into all that you are to learn how to thrive during deployments and beyond.

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