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Simply Resilient Podcast

The Military Wife Life Podcast

If you’re looking for the best military podcasts for military wives, welcome to the Simply Resilient podcast, where I share my thoughts, experience, and advice as someone in the trenches of life as a military wife with you. This military wife life podcast is for military spouses who know the challenges of deployments and frequent trainings and want to stop feeling mentally miserable in the process. You know what to do, and you’re doing it, all while holding down the fort at home. But you are weary from living in survival mode and battling with your brain. If you are ready to stop surviving deployment and start thriving as a military wife, you’ve come to the right place. Join me and other military wives who’ve found the hope, resources, motivation, and coaching they need to feel better and live better!

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  • Episode 11 – My Weight Loss Journey

    -Did you know that the number on the scale is completely neutral? It’s just information, it’s just a number, it’s just math, and it means nothing about you. In this episode I share they way I tell my story about my relationship with my health, my body, and my weight throughout my life so far.…


  • Episode 10 – Emotional Adulthood

    -Simply stated, emotional adulthood is when we take responsibility for how we feel. Learn about the opposite of emotional adulthood, which is emotional childhood, to get a better understanding of what it looks like to operate from emotional adulthood. When we learn how to be responsible for our own happiness and unhappiness (it turns out…


  • Episode 9 – Worry vs Fear

    -Have you ever wondered what the difference between fear and worry is? For me, the difference is that worry pretends to be necessary but makes us miserable, while fear is a useful emotion that we can get good at feeling and taking action anyway. Make sure to listen to this episode to learn all about…


  • Episode 8 – Negative Emotions

    -While we may logically understand that negative emotions are a necessary part of life, we tend to respond to them in ways that do not serve us such as resisting, reacting, or avoiding. Learn more about that and about what it means to allow negative emotions and the impact that can have on your life.…


  • Episode 7 – A Letter to a Friend About Joining the Military

    -Less than a year after we joined the military, a friend reached out to me because she and her husband were considering joining the military. She wanted to know what I thought and this is the letter that I wrote to her:-Battle Buddy Moment: none-Hot Mess Moment: none


  • Episode 6 – Making Decisions Like a Boss

    -Do you have trouble making decisions in a timely manner and with confidence? In this episode we talk about how making decisions can be challenging even in normal life, but even more so when you’re husband is away. Listen to find out more about why we get hung up on making decisions and lots of…


  • Episode 5 – A Coaching Call With a Military Wife

    -Wondering what it would be like to be coached? Listen in on this coaching call with a military wife as we talk about an experience that she and her husband had when he came home during his deployment for 24 hours. We talk about holding the space, setting boundaries, making our cupcakes whole, thanking ourselves,…


  • Episode 4 – 16 Reasons Why Deployments are Like Pregnancies

    -I have found that people who are not in the military struggle to connect and relate with you when you are experiencing a deployment. They have desire to and it would benefit you as well if they could understand better, but what we go through is a pretty foreign concept to many people. I have…


  • Episode 3 – B Minus Work vs Perfectionism

    -Learn to be happy with moving forward in your life with results that are anywhere from B minus and up, instead of being held back by “if I can’t do it perfectly I won’t do it at all” or taking a very long time to get everything you do to the A plus level because…


  • Episode 2 – The Primitive Brain

    -Have you ever wondered why you are stressed or worried about something that you logically understand is not that big of a deal? Do you have things in your life that you totally know what you could and should be doing better, but you just can’t seem to do it. In this episode, learn about…


Are You Ready to Build Resilience & Thrive as a Military Wife?

I am so excited to journey with you as your Military Wife Life Coach and help you move into a better place emotionally and mentally to face the challenges that come with military wife life confidently.