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Simply Resilient Podcast

The Military Wife Life Podcast

If you’re looking for the best military podcasts for military wives, welcome to the Simply Resilient podcast, where I share my thoughts, experience, and advice as someone in the trenches of life as a military wife with you. This military wife life podcast is for military spouses who know the challenges of deployments and frequent trainings and want to stop feeling mentally miserable in the process. You know what to do, and you’re doing it, all while holding down the fort at home. But you are weary from living in survival mode and battling with your brain. If you are ready to stop surviving deployment and start thriving as a military wife, you’ve come to the right place. Join me and other military wives who’ve found the hope, resources, motivation, and coaching they need to feel better and live better!

What Other Listeners are Saying

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  • Episode 41 – Growing Through Challenges

    -Life is a classroom, not a test. We are put on this earth to have the opportunity to grow through challenges. The sooner we open up to this part of life, the sooner we improve our overall experience with the hard times and gain so much more in the process.-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from…


  • Episode 40 – Baby Keith’s Birth Story

    – Today we celebrate our son Keith and his special place in our family. Five years ago today we had a stillborn baby. I was almost 6 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy when there was a cord accident and he passed away inside of me. I am a sharer, I believe in sharing,…


  • Episode 39 – An Interview with Stephanie Allen

    -Meet my new friend Stephanie Allen. I had the privilege of interviewing her a couple of months ago and I’m so happy to finally be sharing with you her insights. She is a seasoned military spouse with her husband being in the military for 28 years. Together they have done 11 moves and 6 deployments.…


  • Episode 38 – Therapy vs Coaching

    -Are you curious about the similarities and differences between life coaching and therapy? Tune in to hear my take on it along with some other great references on this topic. Also, enjoy an interview that I did with my big brother Ben who has had a lot of experiences getting help in his life from…


  • Bonus Episode – A Coaching Call About the Coronavirus

    -Enjoy this Bonus Episode where I coach one of my clients about the affects of the Coronavirus in her personal and professional life. Fair warning: the audio of the recording of our session is pretty terrible. This episode is definitely worth listening to, but the audio makes it a B-, and I’m ok with that…


  • Episode 37 – Living with Uncertainty

    -Listen in to learn why we are perfectly prepared and ready for the Coronavirus. It feels that our uncertainty in life has increased in the last few weeks, but in reality our life is always 50/50: 50% certain 50% uncertain. Also, the way to feel more certain is to create that feeling with your thoughts.…


  • Episode 36 – An Interview with Wendi Wray

    -In this episode you will get to know my new friend Wendi Wray who is an amazing woman. She is a veteran, a military spouse, a mom, and a life coach. I really enjoyed this opportunity to get to know her and more about her experiences as she navigated life in a dual-mil marriage and…


  • Episode 35 – Buffering with Zach Spafford

    -On the podcast today I share an episode that I did with life coach Zach Spafford from The Self Mastery Podcast about buffering. We talk about what buffering is, why our lower brain offers it to us as a solution to resolve discomfort, what we can do instead and how, and how all of this…


  • Episode 34 – The Story of Squeaky Shoes For Tiny Tots

    -In this episode I tell you the story of the last 9 years rocking my side gig of selling toddler squeaky shoes. This business is my baby and I have enjoyed the ups and downs of growing it from nothing into what it is today.-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from scteena-In the Trenches Moment: none-Mission…


  • Episode 33 – Requests and Boundaries

    -Do you find yourself struggling with making healthy requests and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships? Listen to this episode to learn more about what it means to make requests of people around you from a place of wanting it without needing it to be happy (the frosting on the cupcake). Also, find out what…


Are You Ready to Build Resilience & Thrive as a Military Wife?

I am so excited to journey with you as your Military Wife Life Coach and help you move into a better place emotionally and mentally to face the challenges that come with military wife life confidently.