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Simply Resilient Podcast

The Military Wife Life Podcast

If you’re looking for the best military podcasts for military wives, welcome to the Simply Resilient podcast, where I share my thoughts, experience, and advice as someone in the trenches of life as a military wife with you. This military wife life podcast is for military spouses who know the challenges of deployments and frequent trainings and want to stop feeling mentally miserable in the process. You know what to do, and you’re doing it, all while holding down the fort at home. But you are weary from living in survival mode and battling with your brain. If you are ready to stop surviving deployment and start thriving as a military wife, you’ve come to the right place. Join me and other military wives who’ve found the hope, resources, motivation, and coaching they need to feel better and live better!

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  • Episode 21 – How Can I Keep From Singing?

    -In this episode I share some of the experiences that I’ve had in my life with the power of music and song. I also discuss how you would use the model to improve your physical performance in any area (sports, singing, acting, etc.). I have a special treat for you on this episode. At the…


  • Episode 20 – The Manual

    -Did you know that if we’re not careful we tend to create user manuals for how we believe the people in our lives should behave? The problem with this is the people around us don’t know what’s in our manual or necessarily want to behave how we’ve decided they should behave. If you have a…


  • Episode 19 – Breaking My Leg During a Deployment

    -This weekend marked the six year anniversary since breaking my leg two weeks into my husbands first year long deployment. In this episode I share my story with you in great detail of what that experience was like for me and what I learned. This experience is a big part of who I am today.-Battle…


  • Episode 18 – Enjoying Results Ahead of Time

    -Did you know that just like we can enjoy the anticipation of Christmas day all season long, we can enjoy anticipating the results of a goal today that haven’t even happened yet? It comes from knowing for sure that they will happen and because of that knowledge having the confidence to enjoy those results today…


  • Episode 17 – The Nanny Episode

    -Many people ask me about my experience having a nanny. So here is my story about deciding to get a nanny, what it took to find her, and what it was like having her live in our house with our family for a year while my husband was deployed. Spoiler alert: it was fantastic, she…


  • Episode 16 – Everything is 50/50

    -I have decided to believe that every circumstance in life is 50/50 by design.  50% good 50% bad, 50% positive 50% negative, 50% hard 50% easy, 50% fun 50% hard work.  Believing this and applying it in my life has helped me love exactly where I am in life and not indulge in thoughts like…


  • Episode 15 – Self Coaching 101

    -What does a self coaching session look like? Listen in to hear my tips for coaching yourself effectively and more on what it looks like for me. -Battle Buddy Moment:  FB review from Kim -Thought download (aka brain dump):  Do a download as if you’re telling a friend what happened and what you’re thinking and…


  • Episode 14 – How To Feel Connected to Your Husband While He’s Away

    -Relationships are simply our thoughts about another person and relationships exist in our minds. The reason this is such good news is that when our husband is away and the usual ways that we believe are what make it easy to create connection (like going on dates, flirting, enjoying shared interests) are not available, we…


  • Episode 13 – My Interview With the Rising Phoenix Podcast

    -A few months ago I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by the Rising Phoenix Podcast. This is a powerful podcast about maternal mental health and Postpartum depression and I was able to share with them my story about losing my baby Keith when I was 5 months pregnant with him. Being able to…


  • Episode 12 – Deciding What to Believe

    -Do you know what makes something a belief? When you decide to continue thinking something, that’s it. When you know this you can more intentionally decide what you want to believe and what you don’t want to believe by taking a look at what you’re spending time thinking about and guiding your thoughts to create…


Are You Ready to Build Resilience & Thrive as a Military Wife?

I am so excited to journey with you as your Military Wife Life Coach and help you move into a better place emotionally and mentally to face the challenges that come with military wife life confidently.