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Simply Resilient Podcast

The Military Wife Life Podcast

If you’re looking for the best military podcasts for military wives, welcome to the Simply Resilient podcast, where I share my thoughts, experience, and advice as someone in the trenches of life as a military wife with you. This military wife life podcast is for military spouses who know the challenges of deployments and frequent trainings and want to stop feeling mentally miserable in the process. You know what to do, and you’re doing it, all while holding down the fort at home. But you are weary from living in survival mode and battling with your brain. If you are ready to stop surviving deployment and start thriving as a military wife, you’ve come to the right place. Join me and other military wives who’ve found the hope, resources, motivation, and coaching they need to feel better and live better!

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  • Episode 30 – What Do You Do With a Chance?

    -This episode is part 2 of a 3 part episode series where I read to you the children’s book What Do You Do With a Chance? from the What You Do Matters Series written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom.  These books have such beautifully simple and powerful concepts in them. In this…


  • Episode 29 – What Do You Do With a Problem?

    -This episode is part 1 of a 3 part episode series where I read to you the children’s book What Do You Do With a Problem from the What You Do Matters Series written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom. These books have such beautiful concepts in them and in this episode I…


  • Bonus Episode – What is a Mini-Session?

    -At the end of each of my episodes I invite you to book a free mini session with me to see if working with me would be a great fit for you. Last week I realized I have never explained to you what a mini-session is and it’s time to fix that! Who here likes…


  • Episode 28 – How To Feel Crazy Connected to Your Husband Even When He’s Deployed

    -Today’s podcast comes from a webinar that I recently created as an assignment for Life Coach School. I did a podcast episode on a similar topic last year, but this episode is a different take on it because the point of a webinar is to reach and teach an audience who hasn’t heard of me…


  • Episode 27 – An Interview with Nicole Terwey

    -I feel so lucky to have an amazing former military spouse and member of the military, who is also a life coach, on my podcast today. Listen in to hear about Nicole Terwey’s experiences during her time in the Navy and being dual military since her husband was also in the Navy. We also discuss…


  • Episode 26 – Protocols

    -Having a protocol simply means deciding ahead of time how we want to show up in the world in any given category of our lives. We can have protocols for each aspect of our life such as: food, parenting, marriage, business, time, etc.-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from Toya 1289-In the Trenches Moment: none-Mission for…


  • Episode 25 – Our Love Story

    -My husband, Brad Ellertson, guest co-hosts this episode with me as we share highlights from our 21 years together.-Battle Buddy Moment: None-In the Trenches Moment: None-Mission for the episode: None-Hot Mess Moment: none


  • Episode 24 – What to Do When Your Loved Ones Are Driving You Crazy

    -Are you spending a lot of time with family right now around the holidays? Do you have people staying with you from out of town who you love, but they’re driving you crazy? Are you frustrated by the fact that you miss your loved ones when you’re not with them, but then when you are…


  • Episode 23 – I’ll Be Home For Christmas

    -The reality of military life is that we have to spend some really important days apart. One of those may be Christmas for you. In this episode I take a look at the “solutions” that your lower brain offers you to deal with these difficult times and the result that comes with that. This episode…


  • Episode 22 – 7 Tips to Enhance Your Weight Loss Experience During Deployment

    -I recently made a very fun video for an assignment for Life Coach School and I wanted to share the audio of this video here with you. Enjoy these 7 easy and doable tips that you can start applying today to the weight loss journey that you are already on that will help you think…


Are You Ready to Build Resilience & Thrive as a Military Wife?

I am so excited to journey with you as your Military Wife Life Coach and help you move into a better place emotionally and mentally to face the challenges that come with military wife life confidently.