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Simply Resilient Podcast

The Military Wife Life Podcast

If you’re looking for the best military podcasts for military wives, welcome to the Simply Resilient podcast, where I share my thoughts, experience, and advice as someone in the trenches of life as a military wife with you. This military wife life podcast is for military spouses who know the challenges of deployments and frequent trainings and want to stop feeling mentally miserable in the process. You know what to do, and you’re doing it, all while holding down the fort at home. But you are weary from living in survival mode and battling with your brain. If you are ready to stop surviving deployment and start thriving as a military wife, you’ve come to the right place. Join me and other military wives who’ve found the hope, resources, motivation, and coaching they need to feel better and live better!

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  • Episode 138 – Scarcity vs Abundance

    These have been buzz words in the mental health community for good reasons. In this episode I help us get clearer on what scarcity and abundance mean, what it looks like to be living in them and making decisions from those mindsets, and what we can do about it. Enjoy!


  • Episode 137 – People Pleasing

    This is something we all struggle with in varying degrees and for a variety of reasons. In this episode we’re going to get into people pleasing so we can understand it better in ourselves and in others. Doing this will help us in our efforts to indulge in this behavior less, if that is what…


  • Episode 136 – Bridge Thoughts

    We often know where we are and where we want to get to, but we don’t always know how to get from here to there. In thought work this can look like understanding your current thoughts about a situation that you are not ok with and how they are making you feel and how they…


  • Episode 135 – Future Hindsight

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20”? It’s describing what happens when we can look back on something and see it more clearly than when we were in the middle of it. It can be so much easier to think and feel the way we want to think and feel about something (especially…


  • Episode 134 – An Interview with Becky Hoy of Brave Crate

    I’m thrilled to have my good friend Becky Hoy on my podcast today. She is the founder of Brave Crates and a long time military spouse and mother of the cutest little boy. We have worked together at Brave Crate for 3 years and we are excited to share some updates with you about some…


  • Episode 133 – When the Thought Doesn’t Matter (and Why)

    Did you know that sometimes it does not matter what we are thinking? I know this is shocking coming from a life coach who teaches people every day that what you are thinking is everything and that your life is a result of your thoughts.  However, there is a scenario where focusing on the thought…


  • Episode 132 – Indulgence and Validation

    We can all benefit from giving ourselves more validation and this is something I work with my clients on a lot.  My favorite way to teach this concept is to teach them a two step process of first validating our own experience/feelings and then to follow it up with reassuring ourselves. It is so powerful! …


  • Episode 131 – Ownership

    There are many ways to think about the word ownership, but in this episode I’m referring to taking ownership or responsibility for the parts of your life that are in your control and that are your creation.  There are a few sneaky traps that we can fall into in this area where we accidentally categorize things…


  • Episode 130 – Disappointment

    There are so many fascinating layers when it comes to experiencing disappointment.  In this episode we get into what it can be like to be willing to feel disappointed and to even get good at feeling this common emotion that accompanies so many of our regular daily experiences. Enjoy!


  • Episode 129 – Obsessed

    Do you remember being young and in love? Do you remember what it felt like to be so into someone that you may have even been a little obsessed? Now full on actual obsession is not necessarily healthy, but what I’m talking about in this episode is how to add a dose of obsession to things…


Are You Ready to Build Resilience & Thrive as a Military Wife?

I am so excited to journey with you as your Military Wife Life Coach and help you move into a better place emotionally and mentally to face the challenges that come with military wife life confidently.