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About Me

My name is Jessie Ellertson.  I am a certified life coach from the Life Coach School and have been coaching since 2018.  I specialize in coaching military wives who want to make the most of their time apart from their soldier due to deployments and trainings.  I live in Eagle Mountain Utah with my husband Brad and my six children (5 girls and 1 boy) ages 2-13.

I am a military wife.  My husband is in the Utah Army National Guard and he flies Blackhawk helicopters.  We have been through two year long deployments to Kosovo and Iraq, along with numerous trainings and TDYs.  Because we are in the National Guard, my husband also has a civilian job and he is an airline pilot for Skywest Airlines.  I also own an online business selling kids squeaky shoes on eBay and Amazon, Squeaky Shoes For Tiny Tots.  I affectionately call of this my circus and I love running this circus.  I will be forever grateful for what life coaching has done for me personally and that I now have the opportunity to share it with others.


  1. As Jessie's mom, I get to observe her "circus" up-close-and-personal on a regular basis... And it is actually a joy! Her clients love how down to earth she is and she whole-heartedly embraces people in all walks of life. I can also attest that her guidance is timely and so helpful. She has helped me to shift my thinking concerning several personal challenges in my life. It was like the leg-up we're always hoping for. It was great to then go forward, check my thoughts, and begin to feel so good during my efforts to change. Love it!


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Sign Up For Resiliency Training!

Click HERE to sign up for Resiliency Training! Thank you for your interest in Resiliency Training! If you are ready to work with me as your life coach, make everything about military life better, and make your mental health a priority, then you are in the right place! For only $100/month you get a private coaching session with me via Zoom, themed weekly content via email, and individual support (email coaching throughout the month). I want you to get exactly the help you need for the right price. Because of this I have made this program affordable and very easy to use when needed and desired. You can join at any point, take a break whenever you're ready, and sign up for the number of months that makes sense for whatever you have going on for you. Whether you have an upcoming PCS, your preparing for a deployment, your struggling during deployment, your reintegration after deployment isn't going well, or anything else, getting some extra help at that challenging time