Tired Military Wife and Mom Wondering How to Have More Energy Throughout the Day, All Day, How to Have More Energy Naturally

The Military Wife’s Guide to How to Have More Energy Throughout the Day

Raise your hand if you would love to know how to have more energy throughout the day. *Raises hand.* Energy is amazing. It allows us to do more things, create more things, and be the military wife, mom, friend, co-worker, boss, or neighbor we want to be. 

Energy is a valuable resource, like time and money. And when we have energy, we feel like we can do anything and do it all. On the other hand, when our energy levels are running low, it feels like we can’t accomplish the things we want–both big and small. If only we had more energy. 

Well, good news! You can learn how to have more energy all day, even if you don’t sleep through the night, even if you’re tired or hungry or overwhelmed, even if you’re physically exhausted. Here’s how to do it.  

How to Have More Energy All Day, Even When You’re Physically Spent

When we think of energy, we often think of how we feel physically. Learning how to have more energy naturally starts by stretching your mind to realize that energy is not only physical. Therefore, it’s not a limited resource. Here’s how to tap into your mental energy to increase your energy no matter the circumstances.

1. Realize the Difference Between Physical and Mental Energy

There is a significant difference between physical and mental energy. Physical energy is most definitely limited. You can get to a point where you have no physical energy left. As humans, we need a certain amount of sleep and food, and we must take care of our bodies to have energy. It’s natural for our physical energy to rise and deplete depending on what we do throughout the day.

But mental energy is an unlimited resource because of our ability to create energy with our thoughts. Your mental capacity for energy doesn’t rely on how many hours of sleep you got the night before or whether or not you have a busy day. Your mindset is how to have more energy naturally. You have complete control over your mental energy and can use your thoughts to create energy, motivation, inspiration, dedication, and commitment to do, create, and be all you want. 

2. Realize the Relationship Between Mental and Physical Energy

Even when you’re so tired you feel like you can’t get off the couch, you have control over what you can accomplish. By creating energy with your thoughts, you start to change how you feel physically. Although physical energy can be depleted, mental energy is unlimited and can actually increase our physical energy. When you think energy-producing thoughts–good, motivating thoughts–you experience a positive physical feeling because of the way your mental energy is rising.

3. Realize You Have Control Over Your Energy Levels

You have more control over your energy levels than you might have realized. And knowing this is energy-producing in and of itself. When I think about the fact that I can create my own energy and have a better day because of it, I get more energy. I get excited and feel hopeful about the day. Realizing I have control over my energy levels makes me feel more joy and possibility. I empower myself with thoughts and beliefs like this, and it does wonders for how I feel physically. 

4. Realize How to Use Your Mental Energy to Enjoy Every Part of Your Day

There is more energy available to you than you originally thought because you can create energy with your thoughts. This is handy when trying to create and do big things. You can accomplish so much more–those big dreams and goals you have–when you learn how to have more energy by what you think. 

It is also super beneficial when your physical energy is depleted.

  • Maybe you’re a new mom and were up with the baby all night. 
  • Maybe you’re in the middle of a challenging deployment, missing your husband, and exhausted by carrying the weight of responsibilities on your shoulders.
  • Maybe you’re struggling with your mental health and constantly feel tired, depressed, and unmotivated,
  • Maybe you’re exhausted from working full-time, trying to be a good mom, and holding down the fort while your husband is deployed. 

It’s in these moments that you can tap into your mental energy. I’m not saying you won’t be affected by the reality of what you’re experiencing. You will be tired if you were up with the baby all night. You will be exhausted during deployment at times. But you are not at the whim of what your physical energy offers you. Practicing thought work is key to how to have more energy throughout the day.

Mom and Kids Showing How to Have More Energy Naturally as a Military Wife and Mom By Tapping into Mental Energy, How to Have More Energy All Day, Throughout the Day

How to Have More Energy Practically

Okay, now you know how to have more energy naturally by choosing energy-producing thoughts to boost your mental energy and impact how you feel physically. But what does this look like practically?

It looks like enjoying the dishes. 

I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain.

I don’t love doing the dishes. But there are parts that I enjoy more than others. Personally, I like washing the pots and pans, which I typically do once I’m done cleaning all the other dishes. So rather than allowing the thought of having to do dishes to make me feel sluggish and uninspired, I choose to think energy-producing thoughts when I’m doing activities that aren’t my favorite. 

Because the truth is, some things need to get done. There are so many things we have to do or know are good for us (like working out), even if they aren’t fun, exciting, or enjoyable. And you know what makes these things even less enjoyable? Feeling tired or uninspired while doing them. 

So, when I have to do the dishes, and I’m not feeling energized to do them, I remind myself that washing the pots and pans at the end is my favorite part. I’m really good at it. It gets me through all the other dishes faster. I create mental energy by thinking about the good parts of washing dishes, and that mental energy gets me through the task with a better attitude and (dare I say it?) even a little bit of fun. 

Do You Want to Enjoy Military Wife Life More?

Learning how to have more energy all day by increasing your mental energy with your thoughts is the secret to life, success, and enjoying everything more. And I want to help you do it! Whether you’re a military mom struggling to make it through the mundane tasks of everyday life or a military wife with big goals you just can’t seem to get around to, let’s chat. I’ve been where you are, and I know how to experience more, create more, do more, and be the military wife I want to be–and I want to help you experience the same thing. Schedule a free mini-coaching session to connect with me!

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