Pep Talk Series: When You Miss Him So Much

Happy Valentines Day! In this episode we’re talking about missing the love of your life. We’re talking about how we tend to miss him even more on important days, particularly days celebrating love, particularly days where it feels like everyone around us gets to be with their love.

One thing that I discovered on my husband’s most recent deployment when it came to missing him was that I felt like I couldn’t really let myself miss him and still feel strong and independent. Another reason I wouldn’t give myself permission to miss him and remember how amazing our lives are when he’s home is it felt too painful and the aching and longing that I was worried I would experience for him if I let myself go there was going to be too intense. However, whenever I would let myself miss him (like when he was going to be home soon) I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I quickly learned that I was willing to feel some ache and longing because it came with so much love.

-Battle Buddy Moment: none
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: none
-Hot Mess Moment: none


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