Episode 8 – Negative Emotions

-While we may logically understand that negative emotions are a necessary part of life, we tend to respond to them in ways that do not serve us such as resisting, reacting, or avoiding. Learn more about that and about what it means to allow negative emotions and the impact that can have on your life. Also, listen in to learn about the difference between indulgent emotions that keep us stuck and productive negative emotions that are heathy and helpful to allow and process. Allowing these negative emotions actually move us forward on our journey to become the version of ourselves that we want to be.
-Battle Buddy Moment: FB review from Lisa

-Beachball analogy:
   -resist: like holding the ball under water
   -react: try to hit the ball out of the pool
   -avoid: cover eyes, turn back on ball
   -allow: watch it, call it by name, swim with it

-Indulgent Emotions (that don’t serve you): confusion, doubt, worry, indecision, overwhelm, complaining, overreaction, drama, self loathing, frustration, self-pity, busy, stress, apathy, resentment.
-Negative (but healthy to allow) Emotions: urge, desire, boredom, hunger, failure, dissatisfaction, insecurity, anger, nervous, pain, lack, discomfort, sacrifice, fear, loss, disappointment, sadness.

-Hot Mess Moment: Laughing until it hurt at last pic in my new cookbook.
-Link to Pioneer Woman’s cookbook with cowboy rear end pic in the back:  https://thepioneerwoman.com/confessions/cookbook-day/
-Mission for the episode: Ask yourself what are my 3 main emotions I operate from and why? What 3 emotions do I want to operate from and why?  Practice allowing negative emotions.


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