Episode 69 – An Interview with Ashley Weinert

Last week I had such a fun opportunity of interviewing Ashley Weinert from Counting Our Heroes Home. She runs an amazing deployment countdown subscription box business that focuses on the family on the home front.

One thing I love about her subscription is it’s not just for the military spouse at home (although those types of boxes are awesome too), but it’s a box created with our military kids in mind as well. Ashley has 5 kids and has experienced deployments as well and knows the struggles that the family at home goes through while their loved one is away. Deployments can be so overwhelming, especially when we’re trying to take care of the individual needs of our children as well as ourselves.

When you subscribe to Counting Our Heroes Home it’s like pushing the easy button on one area of your deployment life because Ashley will be taking care of you by sending you a monthly care package for your family that will be such a morale boost for you all and help you count down to your loved one coming home. You also get access to Ashley’s private Facebook group which is an awesome and supportive community of other military families going through deployments.

Ashley provides trainings, tips, recipes, as well as individual support and so much more in this community. She also brings in guest teachers and I will be doing a training in January in her community. I’m so excited!

Go check this awesome business out at www.countingourheroeshome.com and listen to this episode to get to know Ashley better and learn more about her business.

-Battle Buddy Moment: none
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: none
-Hot Mess Moment: none


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