Episode 64 – Impulse Control and Allowing Urges with Bruce Ellertson

My son Bruce joins me in this episode to talk about impulse control and allowing urges. Listen in to learn what impulses and urges are, why it’s so normal that we have them, and what we can do with them. Bruce and I talk about becoming best friends with our brains as we learn to be the master of our impulses and urges. What might surprise you is that we don’t become the master of our urges by getting better at fighting against them, we become the master by being comfortable with feeling impulses and urges without answering them/satisfying them/solving for them. Unanswered impulses and urges currently feel so uncomfortable only because it isn’t familiar to leave them unanswered since most of the time we don’t do that. Learn my top 2 tips to starting on this journey of becoming familiar with allowing urges by petting your brain and utilizing Brooke Castillo’s urge jar. We cover so much in this episode we even get into buffering, the spectrum of buffers, and net negative and positive results. You won’t want to miss it. Enjoy!

-Battle Buddy Moment: none
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: none
-Hot Mess Moment: none


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