Episode 63 – When You’re Feeling Burned Out

Have you ever had a lot on your plate and started feeling burned out? Have you ever been crushing it at a goal then you mysteriously lost momentum? Have you ever felt like you are using will power to stick with a plan or to get a lot done, but it feels like it won’t last? I think we all feel these ways sometimes.

In this episode I dig into what is happening in our brain when we’re feeling like this, when we’re experience burn out. Now that I understand what creates burn out, I know that I can allow it or not, but it’s not inevitable or out of my control.

Whenever I identify a brain mystery in my life and catch myself thinking “I have no idea why that happened…” I quickly know that my lower brain is offering me mystery and confusion as a way for me to stay stuck in that problem. I love solving these mysteries so that I have all the control back over these situations. Even if I still don’t get the thing done, it won’t be for a mysterious reason. I love understanding my brain like this and being accountable to myself. It also thrills and delights me to learn how to take productive, sustainable actions in my life and all that I’m able to accomplish from knowing how to create that for myself.

-Battle Buddy Moment: none
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: none
-Hot Mess Moment: none


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