Episode 56 – The Husband Episode

In this episode we talk all thing husbands and I teach you my favorite tool that I use to help me adore my husband, which is called Brainstorming Love. I share two examples of what brainstorming love looks like, one from 2002 Jessie and one from 2020 Jessie.

When he’s away and I’m missing him, this tool helps me lean in to that experience instead of resisting it. When he’s home and sometimes driving me crazy, this helps me remember all of the things that are so amazing about my guy. Adoring him is so much more fun that being annoyed by him.

Tune in to hear lots of fun stories like how I feel about my husband in a cowboy hat, the thought Jody Moore uses when her husband is driving her crazy, what we tell our kids that their future spouses have to have, and why I texted “Farts?” to Zach Spafford right before we recorded our podcast episode together.

You are not going to want to miss this episode. Enjoy!

-Battle Buddy Moment: none
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: none
-Hot Mess Moment: none


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