Episode 47 – The Benefit of the Doubt

-Whenever there is any uncertainty when it comes to our interactions with others, whether it be in their actions or in their words, our brain tends to default to assuming (aka guessing) that they have bad intentions toward us. Learning how to intentionally apply the benefit of the doubt in our lives is beneficial for all involved, but mostly for us. I have also found that as I have learned to wear my Benefit of the Doubt Glasses I have seriously decreased the drama in my life. “I am on a quest to reduce drama in m life, and it’s fascinating to see how much of the drama I’m completely creating for myself.” In this episode we talk about what it looks like when we don’t give people the benefit of the doubt, what it looks like when we do, why we benefit from giving people the benefit of the doubt, why it’s safe to give people the benefit of the doubt, and when we should be more wary about giving the benefit of the doubt…plus tons of examples. Enjoy!
-Battle Buddy Moment: FB review from Elisabeth
-In the Trenches moment: Brad looking for army hat
-Mission for the Episode: experiment with giving someone the benefit of the doubt that you normally wouldn’t.
-Hot Mess Moment: swearing during family photo shoot


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