Episode 46 – Why Is It So Hard To Ask For Help?

-Have you ever wondered why it can often be so difficult to ask for help? Did you know that you have a relationship with asking for help? Your current thoughts that are making it hard to ask for help are your relationship. Are you like so many of us and jump at the chance to help others, but can’t stand to ask for help yourself? If you have a hard time accepting offers of help or asking for help when it’s needed and would like to know why and how you might improve your relationship when it comes to this, listen to this episode right now!
-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from Courtney Townley
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: identify current relationship with ability to ask for help.  Identify if that relationship is serving you.  Decide what you want that relationship to look like and work on making those changes.  Notice how easy it is to love other people’s vulnerability and not your own and work on loving your own.
-Hot Mess Moment: spilling ranch all over myself and my bed during stay at home date


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