Episode 30 – What Do You Do With a Chance?

-This episode is part 2 of a 3 part episode series where I read to you the children’s book What Do You Do With a Chance? from the What You Do Matters Series written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom.  These books have such beautifully simple and powerful concepts in them. In this episode I discuss what it means to take a chance from a position of being willing to fail at that chance. The reason we let chances pass us by in this life is mostly because we think we are “afraid of failure.” What I have found to be interesting when I explore this apparent “fear of failure” with my clients is that they are often unable to identify what they are actually afraid of experiencing. It is incredibly powerful when we realize that the only thing we are risking when we take a chance is feeling a negative emotion which is created from our own thoughts anyway.
-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from Steph_Benz
-In the Trenches Moment: none
-Mission for the episode: take chances
-Hot Mess Moment: Flushing Bruce’s PJ’s.


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