Episode 3 – B Minus Work vs Perfectionism

-Learn to be happy with moving forward in your life with results that are anywhere from B minus and up, instead of being held back by “if I can’t do it perfectly I won’t do it at all” or taking a very long time to get everything you do to the A plus level because it’s the only way your happy about your work. Practicing this in my life has served me so well!
-Battle Buddy Moment: FB review from Anna Maria
-“It takes 20% of your time and effort to do the first 80% of a job and 80% of your time and effort to do the final 20% of a job.” -Grandpa Lindorf
-My goal is to do A+ work, but I’m thrilled with B- and up.  Move forward, massive action.
-Massive action vs passive action.
-Cat and fish comparing their strengths and weaknesses to each other analogy
-Watch out for All or Nothing mentality (Jody Moore’s Better Than Happy Ep 8 & 28)
-Weaknesses are strengths overdone.  Strengths can be overdone into weaknesses.
-Don’t let perfect be the enemy of great.
-Hot Mess Moment: Pedicure on my toes from August
-In The Trenches Moment: typed in wrong email address for Amelia
-Mission: watch for perfectionism holding you back.  Practice taking action and being happy with B-


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