Episode 24 – What to Do When Your Loved Ones Are Driving You Crazy

-Are you spending a lot of time with family right now around the holidays? Do you have people staying with you from out of town who you love, but they’re driving you crazy? Are you frustrated by the fact that you miss your loved ones when you’re not with them, but then when you are together some of their behavior makes you want to run away? Listen to this episode to gain some awareness around why this occurs and to get some simple solutions to help out with this very simple problem. If you’re ready to decrease the drama that happens in your mind around your loved ones, then listen in. Also, get the added bonus of learning my spit up analogy. Enjoy!
-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from Katie J Stowe
-In the Trenches Moment: spit up example
-Mission for the episode: try out the spit up analogy when you are spending time with a loved one who has challenging/annoying behavior that is hard for you to be around.
-Hot Mess Moment: none


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