Episode 20 – The Manual

-Did you know that if we’re not careful we tend to create user manuals for how we believe the people in our lives should behave? The problem with this is the people around us don’t know what’s in our manual or necessarily want to behave how we’ve decided they should behave. If you have a husband manual, it may say “good husbands don’t leave their clothes on the floor.” But guess what? Sometimes husbands put their clothes away and sometimes they don’t. What if that didn’t make them a good or bad husband? What if you get to feel exactly how you want to feel even if they don’t do what’s in your manual. It’s time to throw the manuals out. Listen to this episode for 4 solutions to this problem.
-Clip from Wall E:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdtHPZUkKWs
-Battle Buddy Moment: Review from spiritual flame.
-In the Trenches Moment: None
-Mission for the episode: Visualize throwing away manuals. Focus on one thing.
-Hot Mess Moment: Bugs in our Christmas tree in Alabama.


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