Episode 16 – Everything is 50/50

-I have decided to believe that every circumstance in life is 50/50 by design.  50% good 50% bad, 50% positive 50% negative, 50% hard 50% easy, 50% fun 50% hard work.  Believing this and applying it in my life has helped me love exactly where I am in life and not indulge in thoughts like “once I ________ then my life will be so much better.”  It’s 50/50 here and it’s 50/50 there, just a different 50/50.  It will be fun to go for that thing or achieve that goal, but we can make our life exactly what we want it to be in any circumstance.  The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s green right here.
-Battle Buddy Moment: Review from spiritual flame.
-In the Trenches Moment: Life is better with toddlers, prove it, show me.
-Mission for the episode: Find the 50/50 in everything-present and grateful.
-Hot Mess Moment:  flour foot prints


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