Episode 15 – Self Coaching 101

-What does a self coaching session look like? Listen in to hear my tips for coaching yourself effectively and more on what it looks like for me.

-Battle Buddy Moment:  FB review from Kim

-Thought download (aka brain dump):  Do a download as if you’re telling a friend what happened and what you’re thinking and feeling about it.
-Circumstances: always neutral
-Thoughts: take a look at the circumstance and ask yourself “What am I making this mean?” “Why is this a problem?” Then ask “but why?” 2 or 3 more times.  If your thought is in the form of a question, restate 

-In the Trenches Moment:  He can be angry and I don’t have to be.  It’s totally ok for us both to be angry.

-Hot Mess Moment: learning how to snowboard
-Mission for the episode: sit down and do an intentional self coaching session


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