Episode 14 – How To Feel Connected to Your Husband While He’s Away

-Relationships are simply our thoughts about another person and relationships exist in our minds. The reason this is such good news is that when our husband is away and the usual ways that we believe are what make it easy to create connection (like going on dates, flirting, enjoying shared interests) are not available, we can feel very disconnected. Listen to this episode to see what you can do to create crazy amounts of connection and love in your marriage even in the most challenging circumstances.

-Battle Buddy Moment: podcast review from youngmom87

-The Life Coach School podcast episodes 164 & 165
-simple definition of relationships: our thoughts about another person
-As human beings we are designed to connect and have relationships
-Through the model I have laenred that relationship exist in our mind.
-C line is frequency, method, and quality of conversation when they are deployed
-Think about people you feel connected to that you’ve never met or don’t see much.
-Feeling connected is always available.
-I’m really good at figuring out what I want and telling Brad.
-I try not to make it mean anything if he doesn’t do my requests.
-Not afraid to buy myself flowers when he’s gone, they’re from him.
-Look for evidence of why it’s easy to feel connected.
-Spend time thinking about him like it’s your favoirte hobby.

-Hot Mess Moment: hot mess moment from listener Jenn
-In the Trenches Moment: not always easy to be married to Brad, but it is easy to love him.
-Mission for the episode: How do you want to feel in this relationship and why?


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