Episode 136 – Bridge Thoughts

We often know where we are and where we want to get to, but we don’t always know how to get from here to there. In thought work this can look like understanding your current thoughts about a situation that you are not ok with and how they are making you feel and how they are not serving you, then deciding what you want to be thinking  and believing about this situation, but then not knowing how to get yourself from what you are currently thinking to what you want to be thinking. This is where bridge thoughts come in because once we set our path we can transition step by step to thoughts that serve us just a little bit more and are one step closet to the thoughts we’re trying to spend time thinking and believing. The beautiful thing about this concept is that as long as the next thought that you are working on is just one manageable step away you will be able to help your brain get there relatively quickly and easily. When we don’t do use bridge thoughts, we end up trying to take unrealistic and massive leaps in our thought work to thoughts that we’re not ready to think and then we crash and just go back to our old thoughts.  You are going to love this concept. Enjoy!


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