Episode 135 – Future Hindsight

Have you ever heard the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20”? It’s describing what happens when we can look back on something and see it more clearly than when we were in the middle of it. It can be so much easier to think and feel the way we want to think and feel about something (especially hard somethings) when we are looking back at it and it’s over and resolved and typically you have some distance from it and probably even some healing. A thought work tool that I’m teaching you in the episode is called “Future Hindsight” and it’s where you borrow some thoughts and feelings from how you imagine you’re going to feel when the thing you are in the middle of is over and you’re looking back on it. It can be challenging because our brain doesn’t want to guess how it’s all going to resolve, it wants to know. But here’s where it becomes an awesome exercise is stretching your brain to just decide how you’re going to feel no matter how it resolves or even deciding how it’s going to resolve (even though you can’t know) and accessing that power 20/20 hindsight perspective today. Doing this will better equip you to face what you’re facing and show up more the person that you want to be. Enjoy!


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