Episode 126 – Resistance and Acceptance

Have you ever felt really drained or stuck and didn’t know why? Chances are you were experiencing a lot of resistance about something and maybe didn’t even know it. You might be resisting your current reality, your emotions, the actions of others, yourself, etc. After all you can argue with reality and lose the argument…but only every time.  Our brain tends to resist things that are different from our plans or expectations or things that are happening that we don’t prefer or we wouldn’t choose…and the problem is that our brain does this by default. Once we understand this and practice doing it less by intentionally creating a mindset of acceptance, we can experience all of the benefits of this shift such as extra energy, feeling less stuck, experiencing more compassion and understanding and less self judgement, and learning to have a more healthy relationship with negative emotions and processing them, and more.  Enjoy!  


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