Episode 122 – Science Experiment

In this episode I explain why the perfect environment for working on our mindset and trying to make changes in our life is to think of it like conducting a science experiment in a laboratory. This is so good to know and can be really fun and exciting to spend time in this space.

The problem is that we are human and accessing this space in our minds can be difficult when it comes to many areas of our lives…and then actually spending time there can be even more challenging. The reason it can be so challenging is because as humans we tend to think dramatic, heavy, painful, discouraging, sad thoughts about our lives and when we’re thinking that way the laboratory can feel very far away.

Tune in to hear more about all of this and how you can work with your incredible brain to have more success getting to the laboratory and to know exactly what to do when you’re not ready to spend time in the laboratory and why that’s ok. Enjoy!


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