Episode 12 – Deciding What to Believe

-Do you know what makes something a belief? When you decide to continue thinking something, that’s it. When you know this you can more intentionally decide what you want to believe and what you don’t want to believe by taking a look at what you’re spending time thinking about and guiding your thoughts to create who you are and what you believe on purpose.

-Battle Buddy Moment: FB review from Erika

Did you know you can believe anything you want?  The way you believe something is to simply just decide to keep on thinking it.  I did not truly understand this concept until about a year ago.  For most of my life I thought it was important to just decide what I believed spiritually and then I had values and things that were important to me.  However, when something would come up that was new for me or I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, I didn’t decide if I wanted to believe in it or not, I just checked in with myself to see if I believed it or not.  I had no idea that I could create belief by controlling my thoughts intentionally.  Now that I know the model I can see that I was creating belief without realizing it and I now feel so empowered to believe or stop believing anything I want to.

So like I said, a belief is simply a thought (in fact those words are interchangeable) that we decide to spend time thinking about.  Sometimes what we believe feels a little elusive or mysterious to us, or maybe even a little vague, so to simplify it like that can be very powerful.  Most of us know what we’d like to believe, but it doesn’t always feel available or believable.

Here are a few things that I have decided to believe about myself and about other important areas of my life.  Keep in mind no one gave me permission to believe these things and most of these things I’ve decided to believe are not necessarily proveable.  In fact, I can find evidence for an opposing belief if I spend time looking for it, but I’ve decided to just believe it all anyway because it serves me to do so.

-Personally, I’ve decided to believe: I am the best one to meet my own needs, the universe is constantly conspiring in my favor, I’m not for everyone and that’s ok, I have an amazing and healthy body, I do my best and my best is enough, everything happens right on time, hard work feels amazing, I have plenty of money and plenty of time, and I make my decisions the right ones.

-In my family, I’ve decided to believe:  it is so easy to love my husband, my husband is lucky to be married to me, we are all in this together, I am an amazing mom and my kids are lucky to have me, and I know that my kids know that I love them.

-Spiritually, I’ve decided to believe:  I am a daughter of God, I have Heavenly Parents who love me and are always with me, I have a loving Heavenly Brother named Jesus Christ who is my Savior and He died for me, even when I feel alone I am never alone, I will get to live with my family in heaven, and this mortal life is so important but it is also a very small part of my eternal timeline.

-In my business, I’ve decided to believe: discomfort is the currency for my dreams, everything is figure outable, I love all the humans, I keep commitments to myself, I am willing to be wrong about anything, and because I have the model I can coach anyone about anything.

-In regards to my mental health, I’ve decided to believe: my feelings are always preceded by a thought, my thoughts create my feelings, the results in my life are always directly related to what I’m spending time thinking about, I already have all of the answers, authority creates awareness, worry pretends to be necessary, and love is always an option.

This is just a sampling to give you lots of great examples.  I also want you to take a look at the fact that lots of our current thoughts we like and we want to keep.  So this isn’t all about changing your thoughts and beliefs.  So many of the things we currently believe are serving us.  But once we realize that every belief is because of what we’re thinking, then we’re in a position to identify beliefs that aren’t serving us and stop spending time thinking those things.  I want to leave you guys with this thought that has been a game changer for me:  Every single thought I think is optional and every single thought in the world is available.

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