Episode 11 – My Weight Loss Journey

-Did you know that the number on the scale is completely neutral? It’s just information, it’s just a number, it’s just math, and it means nothing about you. In this episode I share they way I tell my story about my relationship with my health, my body, and my weight throughout my life so far. I also share where I am currently in my journey and how those goals are going so far. My husband asked me, “Don’t you want to wait until you’ve reached your goal to do this episode?” and I responded with, “No way! I’m a work in progress and I always will be.” I’m loving every part of my journey and I’m excited to share it with you.

-In the Trenches moment: “My protocol works. It works.”
-the number on the scale is just information, just numbers, just math
-ok to be hungry, sustainable plan, no rush
-I weigh myself everyday and look at my weekly average week over week to monitor my progress.

-Battle Buddy Moment: FB review from Malorie
-Hot Mess Moment: getting pulled over, registration expired 10 months ago


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