Episode 1 – The Model

-Want to learn about the model that I use in all of my coaching? My teacher Brooke Castillo developed a self coaching model that is at the foundation of all that I do as a life coach and I teach you in this episode how it works and how you can use it to solve any problem in your life.






-Certified at The Life Coach School on September 30, 2019.
-My niche:  Military wives dealing with deployments and frequent trainings.
-Brad got home from his deployment in May 2019
-My teacher is Brooke Castillo:  www.TheLifeCoachSchool.com
– My coach is Jody Moore:  www.JodyMoore.com
-Battle Buddy Moment: FB review from Rosemary
-Self Coaching Model:  CTFAR: We have CIRCUMSTANCES in our life, we have THOUGHTS about our CIRCUMSTANCES, our THOUGHTS create our FEELINGS, our FEELINGS fuel our ACTIONS, and our ACTIONS create our RESULTS.
-snow globe analogy
-“Problems aren’t problems until we think about them.”  Brooke Castillo
-Our brains want to keep doing what they are good at doing and what they are good at doing is what they’ve always done.
-If my thoughts are the problem, then my thoughts are the solution.
-All thoughts are optional and all thoughts are available.
-In the Trenches Moment:
-Mission for the Episode:  Goal feeling: Curiousity.  Check out Jody Moore’s podcast:  Better Than Happy and Brooke Castillo’s podcast:  The Life Coach School.  Identify a problem, write about it, separate C’s and T’s.
-Hot Mess Moment: running out of gas in the Excursion.


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