Hey, Military Wife.

You’re Not Alone!

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My Life as a Military Wife and Life Coach

I know that surviving deployment sometimes feels impossible. I also know that thriving during deployment is possible. My goal is to help you build resilience and make everything about military wife life better.

I have been a military wife for 14 years (and counting). Just three years into my marriage, with a child on my hip and another on the way, my husband, Brad, joined the Utah National Guard. I quickly learned that deployments can be the hardest part of military wife life. When I was preparing for Brad’s deployment in 2018, I felt lower and more overwhelmed than ever. That’s when I started listening to Jody Moore’s transformational podcast, Better Than Happy.

Although I already felt like I was barely keeping my head above water, I told myself, “I can make time for a podcast. I can listen to it while I’m getting other things done.”

While nothing in my life circumstances changed from listening to the podcast–Brad was still being deployed–everything started to feel better. 

I made tiny adjustments to my thought patterns that created real change in my life. It was exactly what I needed at that time, and it changed the way I experienced that deployment. 

It was so impactful that I decided to become a Military Wife Life Coach, start my own military wife life podcast, and become a source of encouragement and support for military spouses. 

Now, I help military wives experience peace, love, and JOY while dealing with deployment. 

I know those feelings don’t even seem possible when you’re in the thick of challenges that come with being a military wife. There are negative emotions and realities associated with military wife life. However, they don’t have to have the final say or dictate how you experience deployments. You are brave and strong, even when you don’t feel like it. 

As a Military Wife Life Coach, I help you find your inner strength and build resilience to champion yourself along the way!

Military Wife Life Coach, Military Wife Life Coaching, Dealing with Deployment, Surviving Deployment, Military Wife Life, Life as a Military Wife
Life Coach, Life Coaching, Military Wife Life Coach, Military Wife Life Coaching

I received my life coaching certification through The Life Coach School and started my Military Wife Life Coaching practice in 2019.

I specialize in working with military wives who are ready to improve their experience of dealing with deployment.

I host the Simply Resilient military spouse podcast and provide in-person and Zoom one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Resilience Coaching Topics I Cover


Thought Work

Learn how to manage your mind, so your thoughts become a positive source of energy in your life.


Self Love

Discover how to love yourself, trust yourself, and become the best version of yourself as a military wife.


Emotional Health

Support your mental health and learn how to manage your emotions so they work for you, not against you.


Resilience Training

Experience the truth that you are strong and brave and can thrive during deployments and trainings.



Learn how to make decisions that lead you closer to the life you want to experience during deployments.


Time Management

Make the most of your time as a military wife and use deployments to connect with yourself and grow in new ways.


Self Confidence

Learn how to become best friends with yourself to trust your abilities, qualities, and judgments.


Goal Setting

Discover all that’s inside of you and learn how to accomplish those big dreams you have for life.


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