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Relationship with God

I spent some time today talking with a client about her relationship with God and how she has some
thoughts in this area that are not serving her. 

She let me know that she did not want to believe that God takes away things from us in order to punish
us, but when things go "wrong" in her life her first thought is usually something like "This is because God
is unhappy with me." or "God gave this blessing to me and then took it away."

I asked her to think about what she could believe instead.  I asked her to think about what else could be
true. What beliefs serve her and create the relationship that she wants to have with God.

I believe that some things are really clearly defined about His nature and His role in our life (like that we
are created in His image, and that we are His children, and that living a righteous life and repenting when
we don't are how we return to live with Him), and lots of it is not clearly defined because God wants us to
explore our relationship with Him and use our amazing powerful super computer brain that he gave us to
intentionally create the way we want to think about God. 

I believe that He created this mortal life exactly by design. He knew that we needed to have lots of
challenges and trials to have a full and complete life experience so he gave us fragile mortal human
bodies and agency and both of those things create lots of trials. He does not give us trials and take
things away from us. He is aware of us and our lives and our needs and loves us SO much. If you are
unable to bear children, I believe He will mourn with you. He wants you to bear children and he created
human bodies that are sometimes able to bear children and sometimes not. Think about massive natural
disasters.  God didn't send an earthquake or a flood to those people based on things they have done or
not done and they aren't more deserving of that natural disaster than other people who are not
experiencing a natural disaster. He just created an earth where natural disasters occur based on the
rules of nature. The fact that natural disasters exist in our world is an intentional part of the mortal


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