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Deciding What to Believe

Did you know you can believe anything you want?  The way you believe something is to simply just decide to keep on thinking it.  I did not truly understand this concept until about a year ago. For most of my life I thought it was important to just decide what I believed spiritually and then I had values and things that were important to me.  However, when something would come up that was new for me or I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, I didn’t decide if I wanted to believe in it or not, I just checked in with myself to see if I believed it or not. I had no idea that I could create belief by controlling my thoughts intentionally.  Now that I know the model I can see that I was creating belief without realizing it and I now feel so empowered to believe or stop believing anything I want to. So like I said, a belief is simply a thought (in fact those words are interchangeable) that we decide to spend time thinking about.  Sometimes what we believe feels a little elusive or mysteriou

Unnecessary Survival Mode

I was listening to a podcast from Brooke Castillo and she was talking about not drinking alcohol anymore (which she does not do for moral reasons, just personal preference).  She said she never lied to her brain and said that alcohol was evil and bad and she hated it, she openly acknowledged that drinking is fun, but I prefer not drinking and here's why...  I thought that was a really powerful way for her to put it because we don't need to hate something to stop doing it or beat ourselves up in order to change.  We're also not trying to lie to or trick our lower brain which never goes well. The areas I'm working on are represented by sentences that I practice thinking when my lower brain is resisting this process: -Survival mode can be helpful, but we're not meant to stay there. -Sleeping in is fun, but I prefer to get up early. -Staying in PJ's all day is comfy and easy, but I prefer to be dressed and look my best. -Not wearing makeup is fast and e