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16 Reasons Why Deployments are Like Pregnancies

I have found that people who are not in the military struggle to connect and relate with you when you are experiencing a deployment.  They have desire to and it would benefit you as well if they could understand better, but what we go through is a pretty foreign concept to many people.  I have found that explaining concepts of the deployment and drawing on similarities that people experience during pregnancies really helps them understand.  It also helps me accept the hard parts of the deployment as normal and right on track just like I do in a pregnancy.  Enjoy: 1.  When you are pregnant people give you lots of wanted and unwanted advice, just like when you are in a deployment. 2.  When you are pregnant and miserable with morning sickness and/or being super uncomfortable and it all just goes on an on, people struggle with how uncomfortable your whole life is and either avoid you or try and fix it.  The same thing can happen in a deployment when you have to worry about his safety