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Click HERE to sign up for Resiliency Training!

Thank you for your interest in Resiliency Training! If you are ready to work with me as your life coach, make everything about military life better, and make your mental health a priority, then you are in the right place!

For only $100/month you get a private coaching session with me via Zoom, themed weekly content via email, and individual support (email coaching throughout the month).

I want you to get exactly the help you need for the right price. Because of this I have made this program affordable and very easy to use when needed and desired. You can join at any point, take a break whenever you're ready, and sign up for the number of months that makes sense for whatever you have going on for you. Whether you have an upcoming PCS, your preparing for a deployment, your struggling during deployment, your reintegration after deployment isn't going well, or anything else, getting some extra help at that challenging time will be exactly what you need to get through it. The best part is that the tools that you will learn by working with me you will be able to add to your tool belt forever and use as you move forward.

Every month has a main topic that we will be learning about and discussing throughout the month. Here's the upcoming schedule:

August - The Basics (the model, the primitive brain, emotional adulthood, self coaching)
September - Relationships (with our spouse, with our kids, with ourselves, with others, creating connection, decrease drama, benefit of the doubt)
October - Requests & Boundaries (the power of healthy requests and boundaries that are sustainable and enforceable instead of just exhausting. Manuals, cupcake concept)
November - Emotions (indulgent emotions, negative emotions, productive emotions (ugly cousin emotions), allowing emotions, creating emotions. Clean pain vs dirty pain.)
December - Self-Confidence (opinion of self, accepting of all parts of self, willing to fail, having our own back, rewriting stories, asking for help)
January - Goals (feelings that fuel, sustaining and achieving goals, changing from love, staying motivated)
February - Physical Health and Weight Loss (relationship with body, relationship with food, getting great sleep, overhunger and overdesire)
March - Deciding What to Believe (learning how to create belief on purpose, 50/50, enjoying results ahead of time, protocols, uncertainty)
April - Money (relationship with money, beliefs about debt, ability to earn, ability to save)
May - Time Management (relationship with time, accountability to self, getting things done, creating results, Monday Hour One, B minus work, balance)
June - Buffering (what it is, why we do it, net negative results, spectrum of buffers)
July - Decision Making (confusion/indecision, making our choices the right one, master decision making)
August - Back to the Basics (the model, the primitive brain, emotional adulthood, self coaching)


Q: When will I make my first payment and how do you collect money?
A: After you fill out the form, I will send you a bill for $100 for your first month of my program via email through a service called

Q: When do I get to set up my first coaching appointment?
A: Once I have received your payment, we will set up your first coaching appointment.

Q: If I'm signing up in the middle of the month, when do I start the program?
A: If you are signing up during the month (rather than at the beginning or the end of a month), you can decide if you want all the content for that month and to schedule your first session right away, or if you want to wait until the first day of the next calendar month to begin the program.

Q: I understand each month has a theme, but if I want to get coached on something that is different than the topic of the month, is that ok?
A: Yes, our coaching session for that month does not have to be about the theme.

Q: Is one session for the month my only option? What if I need more than one session in any given month?
A: You can break up your included one hour session into two 30 minute sessions to be used throughout the month if you would like. You can also purchase additional sessions in a month for $75/session if desired.

Q: Will there be homework? Is it required?
A: I will be sending you content and homework each week. I highly encourage that you complete the homework to get the most out of this program, but of course it is optional.

Q: Is there any way to get a discount?
A: If you know that you are interested in being in my program long term you can receive a discount by paying for a year in advance for $1,000 (instead of $1,200).


You are an amazing military wife who knows what to DO to make deployments and trainings go well and you are doing those things.  You are holding down the fort at home and are ready for the weight that you carry during the deployment. However, through it all you still feel MENTALLY MISERABLE.  I see you. I've got you. I’m with you.
Sick of feeling mentally miserable during deployments and trainings?
I teach you how to thrive during the frequent separations required in military life by showing you how to access the resilient super powers that you already have.  I teach you how to make the most of your time apart, how to feel connected to your soldier overseas, how to overcome feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, and so much more.  None of the circumstances in your life will change, but everything will look different and feel better.
I teach you how to successfully navigate deployments and trainings with strategies that address the root of the problem instead of just the symptoms.  Deployments aren’t miserable because of the distance or the length of time or the unknown or the demands of solo parenting or anything else you think it is. It is simply your current way of thinking about those things. Life coaching is not just an exercise in positive thinking, it’s about achieving lasting and sustainable relief. 
Work with me through online, live, one-on-one coaching sessions and let me show you how intentionally managing your mind will take you from feeling mentally miserable to feeling like a mental warrior. If you don’t see the value of of our time together after your first full session, I will refund your money so there is no risk to giving life coaching a try.  Contact me for a free mini-session at to find out more.

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